Welcome HCA families! The teachers here at HCA are excited that you are here.

Elementary School - Grades Kinder to 5th Grade

Mrs. Greenwood site Link

K/1 Blended/Remote

πŸ“§ Cathy Greenwood

Mrs. Axford Site Link

K/1 Remote & 4/5 Blended

πŸ“§ Hillary Axford

Mr. Peterson Site Link

2/3 Blended /Remote

πŸ“§ Larry Peterson

Mrs. Morishige Site Link

Elementary Remote

πŸ“§ Heather Morishige

🌐 Website

Middle School Teachers - Grades 6, 7, & 8

Support Services

Mrs. Tuomi Site link


πŸ“§ Hillary Tuomi

🌐 Website

Home Choice Academy Tiger

Intervention Specialist

πŸ“§ Kelly Jones

Support Services

πŸ“§ Candice Tan

🌐 Website

Home choice academy tiger

Support Services

πŸ“§ Julie Kuhnau

Speeh and Language Pathologist

πŸ“§ Erin Eyster

Additional Staff & Part-Time Support Services


πŸ“§ Janet Locascio

Instructional Coach & Learning Coach Support

πŸ“§ Brenda Lillie

🌐 Learning Coach Website


πŸ“§ Dawn Grant


πŸ“§ Becky Montgomery

Mrs. Fuller

Student Services Para

πŸ“§ Kari Fuller

Student Services Para

πŸ“§ Corrie Lowry

Student Psychologist

πŸ“§ Malgorzata Platt

School Nurse

πŸ“§ Heather Rice

Susan Bliquez

Rhonda Davies