Information & Enrollment at HCA

Step 1 - Informational Meeting

Who should attend?

  • Families enrolling in Home Choice Academy

  • Families interested in our Blended Learning model

  • Families interested in our Full Remote/Consult Only Learning model

  • Families looking into options for their child.

  • Families new to alternative learning and need more information on programs and expectations.

  • Anyone interested in learning more about Home Choice Academy

Whether you have already decided to enroll here at HCA or need more information to make the decision, our live meetings are intended for families that are interested in attending Home Choice Academy's Alternative Learning Experience.

To Enroll for the Current Year Join Us

for a Live Informational Zoom Meetings held most

Wednesdays at 11 AM

Please join us by completing the form below.

NOTICE: You must SUBMIT the form by clicking the Blue Submit button at the bottom of the form. You will recieve the Zoom Passcode after clicking the Submit button.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the form on this page, click here to open the form in a new tab.

Interested in attending Home Choice for the 2021/2022 school year?

Sign up for an informational meeting about the coming school year. (Dates to be determined.)

Step 2 - Complete Enrollment Forms

Who should enroll?

Families that have made the choice to attend Home Choice Academy's Blended Learning program or Full Remote/Consult Only program.

We are so excited that you have made the Choice to join our school.

Please choose the enrollment below that best fits your needs. Complete the forms according to the instructions provided.

NOTE: Your enrollment will not be processed until you have joined one of our informational meetings in Step 1. Follow the instructions above to complete the form and join us in learning about the programs offered here at HCA. Your enrollment will proceed after the meeting.

For New Kindergartners - Read, watch and scroll through the information for enrolling kindergartners into Evergreen Public Schools. Find the section on Registration and complete the online enrollment forms.

Choose this enrollment form if you are NEW or Returning to the Evergreen Public School system. Follow the instructions to complete the online enrollment forms.

Choose this option if you are a current student in the Evergreen Public School System. You will need to download and print the form to complete it OR you can come into Home Choice Academy, complete the form and leave it with us.

These are frequently asked questions from around the district related to registering or transferring students. Not sure about where to start? This is a great place for answers.

Step 3 - Getting Started

What to expect:

Now that you have enrolled, click on one of the following links to get started with your Home Choice Academy learning experience by preparing for learning at home and accessing materials.

If you have any questions or need help with any of the steps seen on this page, contact HCA or call (360) 604-4032.