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What can I expect at the start of the school year?

  1. An invitation for you and your child to join their teacher or another staff member for a Written Student Learning Plan meeting. Because Home Choice Academy is an ALE (alternative learning environment) we are required to develop a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for each and every student each year!

  1. For students in (K-5), you will recieve materials at your home or an email with tracking information. If you are a new student you will also receive K12 login account information.

  1. Please make note that some of the physical materials are on backorder due to a higher volume of purchasing and will arrive as soon as possible. If by chance the physical materials have not arrived by 9/1 - you are able to access everything digitally for the short-term.

  2. Between 8/31 and 9/4 you will receive a digital orientation to review. This orientation will provide information on how to access the curriculum and other important details that will support you and your child in beginning the learning process together!

How do I login to Classlink at home?

Students should always access K12 through their link in Classlink to get started working. On our website, go to the "Current Families" and click on the Classlink button. You will login with your student's login information. All students have a district issued username and PIN. You can get both of these from skyward. Log into Skyward Family Access and look for their student ID* and PIN (Instructions for PIN Here)

Make sure that your students can access classlink through chrome.

  • District issued devices: classlink is set as the homepage and will automatically login to classlink. Click the house icon in the navigation bar of chrome to go directly to classlink.

  • Home Devices: you will need to login to a Chrome Browser using your studentโ€™s login information. For directions on logging into the chrome browser, click here.

If your student is a Kindergartener, you will need to login to classlink with their student login credentials first (following the steps above) to set up the login process. Then, if you have the classlink quick card, you may scan the quick card to login to classlink.

*Student IDs are comprised of the first five letters of the last name, first three letters of their first name, followed by three numbers. For example: LLLLLFFF### or bradybob000

Will HCA provide school supplies?

Bags of supplies will be available for each of our students to enhance the learning experience in the home. Stay tuned for more information as how and when these supplies will be ready to pick up here at HCA.

What if I need a chromebook?

Contact us here at Home Choice Academy. Anita Bingham or other support staff will be able to get a device checked out to your child.

I am in Middle School and my password isn't working, what do I do?

All middle school student's Chromebook/login passwords were reset over the summer. They will need to login and create a new password. Click here for directions.

What if I donโ€™t remember my password?

Please go to Evergreen Public Schools website and go to Tech Support. K-5 students will follow the directions on how to find their PIN number that students use as their password. 6-8 students follow the directions to reset their password and log in to set a new password. Click here for District Tech Support

Are Google meets live? Are they recorded to watch later?

All Google Meets will be recorded live and will be available to watch later.

When are school pictures?

Attempting to set up Middle School pictures for late September/Early October. Elementary pictures will be scheduled in the spring.

If my child is enrolled in K12, how much time will they spend online vs. print materials?

This is what K12 has to say about time spent - "Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. That's why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes a great deal of well-written and designed textbooks, workbooks, and hands-on instructional materials. We expect that Kโ€“8 students will spend no more than 20โ€“25 percent of their time on the computer in the early grades." To find out more, click here.

Do you have any samples of the K12 curriculum?

We do have samples of the K12 curriculum at HCA.

If I am experiencing problems with K12, who do I contact?

Contact Home Choice Academy for assisstance with the K12 system. Please DO NOT contact K12.

Is tutoring available? What if my child is below grade level academically?

Tutoring is not available through HCA or Evergreen Public Schools. You and your student will work together with our support staff and teacher to determine the best steps for meeting the needs of your student.

How are you different from other online programs?

We are a blend of online and in-class instrcution to meet the needs of our students. Our certificated teachers work closely with families to identify placement, evaluate progress and support student growth. In-class students work on collaborative activities, conceptual math work, literacy workshops and other EPS supported, standards aligned curriculum. At-home, K-5 students work on content rich materials through the K12 online learning system. 6-8 students work through grade level, standards based curriculum from Apex learning while completing enriching and collaborative activities created by their teacher and accessed through Google Classroom.

Do students at HCA participate in State Assessments?

Yes, as part of a Washington State Alternative Learning program, all students are expected to take all assigned assessments throughout the year.

What do I do if I canโ€™t log into K12?

If your K12 materials have already been delivered, open all materials. Plan for success by finding a convenient location for all of the materials. Look through the books and discover your learning for the year. You can also get started doing lessons by reading the learning coach materials on getting started and how to complete the first few lessons. Then, when you do have access to the online learning system, you can mark those lessons as complete

What do I do if I donโ€™t have the K12 materials yet?

There are a few things that you can do when you donโ€™t have the print materials yet. You can get started working right away. All of the materials that you will receive in print are in the Online Learning System in a digital format. For most activities you will not need to print out the materials but use them as guides or reference materials. Families using an online learning system should remember to have a lined notebook handy to complete work and take notes. For younger students, most of the digital work is directed toward the learning coach for preparation and guidance. Upper elementary students should be able to complete activities and follow the instructions online with guidance from their Learning Coach.

Set up your accounts in K12

Go to the yhK12 online learning system parent portal login page to set up your account following the instructions in the getting started email from K12 (if you cannot find it, check your spam, junk or trash folders in your email account. Then be sure to add K12 to your safe senders list.) Once you have completed the account set up process you may need to wait until the next day for the changes to take place and be updated within the K12 system. Once you can login as a learning coach, you will need to add your students to your account following the instructions provided in the email.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my OLS? K12 or Apex

Contact your teacher or Home Choice Academy. Please do not contact K12 or Apex.

Where can I find the PE & Art Log? And how do I complete it?

You will be asked what type of acitivities your student completed for the month. You will find the PE & Art Log in various locations on this website (Home, Current Families, Your Teacher's page) and here. PE & Art Log. Please complete the log before the last Friday of every month.

How do I talk to someone to get more information?

Click Here to join an in-person informational meeting to speak with one of our staff members here at Home Choice Academy.