Home Choice Academy

A publicly funded Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) for students in Kindergarten - 8th grade with academically rigorous content in a family-oriented setting.

Flexible β€’ Consistent β€’ Partnership

Address: 13501 NE 28th Street | PO Box 8910 | Vancouver, WA 98668-8910

Phone: (360) 604-4032 | Fax: (360) 604-4116


Principal: Janet Locascio

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Learning can happen anywhere and at any time and no one knows your schedule better than you. Our curriculum is available at any time. You can build a schedule for learning that fits your families needs.


Knowing what your students expectations are on a daily basis provides stability, consistency and peace of mind. Students will engage with rigorous content that is designed for the individual learner.


Even the most self-motivated student needs support to have a successful learning experience. Learn more about what your role will look like as a Learning Coach facilitating your student's learning.

Home Choice Academy Building located at 13501 NE 28th Street, Vancouver, WA 98662


Choosing the right plan for you and your student is key to successful engagement with rigorous content, building academic independence and fostering a growth mindset. Discover the plan for you.

Watch this video for an overview of the program.

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