Parent Partnerships

We Work With You

We work closely with families to ensure a positive experience and promote a healthy, successful learning environment. We start our work together by completing a Written Student Learning Plan to personalize the learning experience for your student. Then, whether you choose to participate in our Blended Instruction program or our Fully Remote program you will continue to work with the teacher to meet the unique needs of your student. As students mature and experience greater levels of independence in their learning they continue to benefit from close support at home.

The Role of the Learning Coach

You will hear and see the term "Learning Coach" often throughout the Home Choice Academy experience. A learning coach is anyone that has a direct impact on the student's learning experience at home and takes on the responsibilities associated with monitoring, modifying and encouraging the student throughout their engagement with at home learning materials. The learning coach experience will change as your student grows and moves through grade levels but will remain a necessary part of student learning. The learning coach works closely with the teacher and can rely on this close relationship for help and support throughout the HCA experience.

Elementary (K-5) Learning Coach responsibilities:

  • Assist with lessons

  • Monitor comprehension

  • Modify daily schedule

  • Assist with technology

  • Communicate with teacher

Middle School (6-8) Learning Coach responsibilities:

  • Assist with some lessons

  • Monitor comprehension

  • Encourage independent learning

  • Assist with technology

  • Communicate with teachers