District enrollment options

Click on one of the pictures below that best describes your enrollment needs.

Colored pencils/New Kindergarten Students

For New Kindergartners - Read, watch and scroll through the information for enrolling kindergartners into Evergreen Public Schools. Find the section on Registration and complete the online enrollment forms.

Colored Pencils/ New Students or Students returning to the district

Choose this enrollment form if you are NEW or Returning to the Evergreen Public School system. Follow the instructions to complete the online enrollment forms.

Stack of book/ Currently enrolled students

Choose this option if you are a current student in the Evergreen Public School System. You will need to download and print the form to complete it OR you can come into Home Choice Academy, complete the form and leave it with us.

Pencils/Parent-guardian deistrict enrollment FAQ

These are frequently asked questions from around the district related to registering or transferring students. Not sure about where to start? This is a great place for answers.