Middle School 6-8

  • APEX automatically generates a weekly report. They are for you to see where your child is as far as curriculum. You do not need to return these to us.

  • Always best practice to check on your student’s progress by logging into their APEX account (use their login information).

  • You may receive a "red flag" warning about your child's progress. These "red flags" will occur if/when:

    • The student has not logged in for 5 days. (even if their assignments have been completed)

    • The student has late assignments

    • Student grade is below 70%

About Using Apex Learning

  • Login to Apex Learning through Classlink

  • Students do not have to complete the Essay Writer assignments within the lessons. They do, however, have to type something in the box in order to move on.

  • All due dates are in their calendar. Students should start lessons 5 days prior to the due date.

  • If a student scores above 70% on a quiz/test and would like to try for a better grade, they have to contact the teacher to open that assignment.

  • If they score 70% or below, they will automatically be given the opportunity to reset and try again.

    • If your child has scored below 70% please make sure they go back, re-read the lesson, take notes and then they can try again. They have up to 3 opportunities to retake the quiz. If they do NOT pass after the 3 attempts, they must contact their teacher in order to move forward in the class.

  • Apex counts all late assignments as zeros until they're completed.

  • PE/Art Time Logs will be found in Google Classrooms. We have told students it is their responsibility to submit these every month.

Google Classroom

  • Login to Google Classroom through Classlink

  • If your child misses a school day, they will find the "in class" assignments in Google Classrooms.

  • Parents that sign up for guardian summaries will recieve summaries from Google Classroom showing what work was completed, missed or is upcoming. Look for an email to sign up for guardian summaries.

Full Remote/Consult Only Students: Please check all Google Classrooms several times per week for "In class" assignments. They are part of your progress.

  • Progress is pulled on the last school day of the month.

  • If your student has zero missing/late assignments, they will be SAT.

  • If they do have missing/late assignments, your teacher will contact you.

At this time, all in-class meetings will be using Google Meet to gather as a class on their assigned instructional day. M/H or T/F

Meets will be used for large group or small group instruction and community building.

Students can access Google Meet by clicking on the Google Meet link in their Google Classroom.

For more questions, contact your teacher about accessing and using Google Meet.