First Days of Middle School (6-8)

at Home Choice Academy

Welcome students and parents!

You just enrolled! We are very excited that you are here and want to congratulate you on joining our community of learners. After enrolling you may have lingering questions and wonder what to expect. The following resources will help you make a successful start to your learning experience here at Home Choice. Please read everything and click on links.

Hand writing the word Email

Expect a call or email from your HCA teacher

    • Your teacher will be setting up a meeting with you to complete a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). The WSLP is a document that your teacher, you and your student will complete together. The teacher will be collecting information about you and your student (i.e. name, phone, email), Grade level, and any information that will help us support your student in their learning. You will also be discussing the curriculum, progress and contact expectations.

Accessing Materials in Classlink

  • All of your materials are online and accessible through Classlink.


If you are transferring from within the district, you will continue to use your district issued chromebook.

If you are new to the district and need to check out a chromebook, you will need to ask for a chrombook at your WSLP conference.

Classlink site link

student sitting at kitchen table engaging in learning activities

Expect a transition period for you and your student, especially if you are new to online and blended learning.

  • Give yourself time. Adjusting to anything new takes time.

  • Give you and your student some time to get acquainted with the materials (Apex, Classlink, Google Classroom, working at home, etc). After you have logged in, take a little time and click on everything.

  • Get your space set up for school. Set yourself and your student up for success by finding a comfortable space for your student to complete work. Consider a space that is close by so that you, as the learning coach, can keep an eye on daily progress and answer any questions. This advice applies to all of our students. Even our most independent learners face challenges when their learning space is away from learning coaches.

  • Think about how you will schedule your day and make a tentative schedule. As you start school this may change. Add in tasks such as schoolwork, laundry, outside time, breaks, etc.